Performance Modifications

At Ultimate Tunes we collectively have over 80 years experience in the Automotive Performance Industry. We have the ability & knowledge to help you with your entire build, from your planning stage to your finished product. With extensive experience with complete engine conversions and rewiring, to turbo, exhaust & all other upgrades, we can look after all your performance needs. Our In-house Mainline Dynomometer gives us access to state of the art tuning equipment. Along with our experienced tuners we can offer you the best in service from your daily drive to your pride & joy. We have access to a large variety of high quality performance products, & we are distributors for Haltech, Ecutek, MRT, Evolve Technik, Turbosmart, Blouch, & much more.

Why Choose Ultimate Tunes

Ultimate Tunes can offer competitive pricing and high quality workmanship in all your performance modifications. We have an abundance of experience in engine conversions, rewiring of vehicles and all performance upgrades. Trust the ones with Knowledge & Passion for Performance. Trust Ultimate Tunes.