If your vehicle falls into one of the following categories you may either book and have your vehicle inspected at the Dickson Motor Registry or have your vehicle inspected by an Approved Inspection Station.A fee applies to all vehicle inspections. Inspections are required for the following
  • Any vehicle over 6 years old requiring a transfer of ownership Interstate vehicles transferring to ACT registration
  • When registration has expired by more than 12 months Defect clearances (unless directed to Road User Services, Dickson Motor Registry) Establishment of registration A certificate of inspection is valid for one month from the date it was issued.
Please note that, vehicles over 4.5 tonne GVM, public vehicles, modified vehicles, imported vehicles or vehicles without compliance plates MUST attend the Dickson Motor Registry. A booking for an inspection is required.

Why Choose Ultimate Tunes

Ultimate Tunes can help you with the registration inspection of your vehicle.  Our Inspections are completed by qualified technicians, with recognised ADR training. to make sure your inspection is completed to standard. At Ultimate Tunes we can also complete any repairs required for Registration Inspections.