Log Book Servicing

Logbook Services must be carried out by trained technicians, in accordance with manufacturers requirements, including using genuine or equivalent quality components. Having your Logbook service with Ultimate Tunes you get just that.

Registration Inspections

If your vehicle falls into one of the following categories you may either book and have your vehicle inspected at the Dickson Motor Registry or have your vehicle inspected by an Approved Inspection Station. A fee applies to all vehicle inspections.

LPG Inspections

Vehicles that use LPG Information about registration for vehicles that use LPG or CNG in the Australian Capital TerritoryIf you have converted your vehicle to LPG or CNG or you are renewing registration for a vehicle that uses LPG or CNG you will be required to have an annual inspection. This inspection needs to be done by an accredited gas fitter who will then issue you with a gas certificate.

Performance Modifications

At Ultimate Tunes we collectively have over 80 years experience in the Automotive Performance Industry. We have the ability & knowledge to help you with your entire build, from your planning stage to your finished product. With extensive experience with complete engine conversions and rewiring, to turbo, exhaust & all other upgrades, we can look after all your performance needs.


At Ultimate Tunes we have a Mainline AWD dyno, giving us the ability to tune all make and model cars from FWD, RWD & AWD. We have many years of experience in tuning with both EFI & carburettor vehicles. Ultimate Tunes are the local distributors and tuners for Ecutek. EcuteK supports the retuning of the factory ECU in your, Nissan, Great Wall, Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Mazda. Both Normally Aspirated, Turbo Petrol and Turbo Diesel.

Why Choose Ultimate Tunes 

Ultimate Tunes offer the very best service at competitive pricing. Services are completed by qualified technicians, using the latest in diagnostic equipment. Services are completed to manufactures specs, using quality components.